Thursday, August 27, 2009


New colors!  Available now at the Hold Fast Store!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Franco's Brooklyn

Local rider Franco picked up a set of the new purple straps to go with his Brooklyn.  Rather elegant, don't you think?  Thanks Franco!

All City Championships: Trick Comp

All City Trick Comp 2009 from BikeJerks on Vimeo.

Monday, August 17, 2009

don't steal shit!

Patrick, sorry to hear about your bikes, That SUCKS!
Note: the Hold*Fast FRS on Patrick's Pista Concept, The first stolen pair ....
good luck guys! I hope you find them.


This was a sad day for Jake Ricker (Laali), Jacopo Volpe (Dodici), Ryan Schuetze (Go Means Go), and myself (Patrick/PEDAL Consumption). Last night around 11:55PM, we returned to our U-Haul van that was parked a few blocks from the Rotture on MLK & Ash St. Immediately, we noticed the window was broken. Our bikes, two frames w/forks, and several bags were stolen. We know this had to be the work of more than one person. What’s strange is that the thieves didn’t take the third frame w/fork and a rim set. Maybe they had to much to carry... who knows?

We did this event for the Fixed Gear community of Portland. I worked my ass off to get prizes for everyone because I wanted to take part in helping people who I embrace. I even used my own money to help promote this event. The top picture is Jake’s 3Rensho and the bottom photo is a color example of my Pista Concept. The Pista Concept was just built, so I didn’t get a chance to take photos... except when I did a Hold Fast review which doesn’t show much.

Anyhow, is this how we treat people who visit our town? It’s FUCKED UP! What’s even worse is that I had to pay $200 to U-haul for the broken window... and that included me getting insurance which proved to be useless!

Patrick's Bike
• Frame: Pista Concept 2007 (white)
• Front Wheel: Phil Wood Low-Flange (silver), H Plus Son (gold), DT Swiss Spokes (black)
• Rear Wheel: Phil Wood Low-Flange (silver), H Plus Son (gold), DT Swiss Spokes (black)
• Headset: Stock Cane Creek (black)
• Stem: Thomson Elite 50mm (black)
• Handlebars: Nitto B-201 Riser Bars (black)
Seatpost: Thomson Elite (black)
• Saddle: Sam Marco Supercorsa (black)
• Cranks: Sugino 75 (black)
• Bottom Bracket: Sugino 75
Chainring: Sugino 75 - 44t (black)
• Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC (black)
• Toe Straps: Hold Fast

Jake's Bike
• Frame: 3Rensho (purple-metallic)
• Front Wheel: SPIN Tri-Spoke (white)
• Rear Wheel: Chub Hub (black), H Plus Son Formation Face (black)
• Headset: Campy NJS (silver)
• Stem: Dura-Ace (silver)
• Handlebars: Syntace Pursuit Bars (silver)
Seatpost: Thomson Elite (silver)
• Saddle: Sam Marco Rolls Ti (white)
• Cranks: Sugino 75 (silver)
• Bottom Bracket: Hatta
Chainring: Sugino 75 - 49t (silver)
• Pedals: MKS Sylvan (silver)
• Toe Straps: Cadence Double (black)

Other Items Stolen
• Jake's custom Freight Baggage (black) bag that contained a digital and film camera and a $400 Patagonia jacket (black)
• Ryan’s shoulder bag containing 10 Macaframa DVD’s and Go Means Go shirts
Dodici Veloce frame (pink/chrome) w/chrome fork
• Leader 721TR Track Frame/Fork (white)

Who ever has any helpful information, please contact me. We are offering a reward... NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I don't think the thieves realize who they stole from and most likely WILL get caught. So if the thieves are reading this, either drop off everything you stole at City Bikes on Ankeny & 8th (NO QUESTIONS ASKED) or contact me at or email Jake at (NO QUESTIONS ASKED).

We filed a police report, so if you have any information, feel free to call Officer Joel M. Ockunzzi (#49841) of the Portland Police Department. The case number is 090 72910.

Lastly... the Rose City Fix event was a success! The turnout was better than we thought. Congrats to Walton for winning the alleycat race and Zach for winning the trick competition! We will post results very soon and photos as well!


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Crazy Nick won a pair this past weekend, congrats!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Installation Tips & Pedal Recommendations

Here's a pic of Jeremiah getting some air with his new Brooklyn fork and Hold Fast straps! Thanks, Prolly. Photo by Chris Weilk.

A helpful tip to tell your left from your right is to make sure that the Hold Fast logo faces you while riding. We also recommend using a BMX platform pedal, such as the Odyssey Twisted PC, the WellGo BMX PC, Eastern Plastic, Fit PC, or the Animal platform pedals. While we prefer plastic (PolyCarbonate) pedals for grinding, we know of a few riders who are using the metal BMX-style platform pedal - we recommend removing the back pins to ease entry and exit. We've also know of riders who are using them successfully with the MKS track pedals, and a commuter whose using them on his Suntour MTB pedals. Pretty much any pedal that allows you to thread the lower straps along the axle should work fine. We have also found that the more you ride them the better they get, comfort-wise, as well as getting in and out. Please remember to set the velcro with one foot on ground, and please do not adjust while pedaling (or use with flip-flops).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another satisfied customer!

Thanks for the kind words Mark..

"So I’ve had these Hold Fast straps for about a month now, and what can I say apart from that they are awesome. I used to use normal metal clips and straps which worked well, but found when I was riding backwards they would clip the ground and just annoy me. So I moved onto powergrips which were wicked apart from the agricultural hardware which came with them, but they worked well and felt more secure than the original metal clips (and I could pull up and skid sitting down easier). Then I came across the seatbelts on the net, and decided to make some myself out of the rear seat belt of my car (which could cause a problem when I sell it)! These were better than everything I tried nice, and simple and no major hardware, etc., until I saw Hold Fast straps. I ordered them from the US and were delivered within a week, on cog nite 4 day. Wicked!
Fitted within seconds, and they instantly felt much more secure than all the rest I had tried, and were adjustable to any size shoe from wellies to flip flops! Absolutely no complaints with these! They feel like they do exactly what there supposed to do, which is hold your feet fast. Releasing your feet is just as easy as the rest, even when the strap is tight. The quality of the straps are high, and I can't see that their gonna wear out anytime soon (even pedal grinding caused no problems as the underside of the pedal is kept free of any loose strappage). Even when riding out of the straps they do scuff the deck slightly, but apart from a few marks there is no major wear to the strap itself. All I can say is this: stop fannying around with all the lower quality products and go Hold Fast! "
Mark Smith (London, UK)