Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wu-Tang: The Alleycat

Krillz and Stoned Tone are throwing what looks to be one of the best alleycats of the summer. It's a two part race, with stops in Shaolin, the Brooklyn Zoo, and Manhattan - all specific to Wu-Tang and their history. Enter the thirty-six chambers and get a chance to win a set of Hold Fast straps, and plenty of other goodies. We are psyched on this. Wu-Tang Alleycat!!

No Cassettes Premiere

If you are in San Diego this Friday, go check out Fonseca Films "No Cassettes" Premiere. I know that Chris has been working hard on this joint for a while now, and I wish I could be there to see it. Whoever kills in the Trick Comp wins a pair of Hold Fast straps!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Julian came out to Red Hook the other day to pick up a pair of black and gold.
while we were hooking up his FRS's, a sign fell off a telephone pole and almost beheaded his friend. Crazy! Wish I had pics of that..
Thanks Julian ride safe.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rose City Fix

Rose City Fix is a photography project by photographer Brenton Salo and designer Aaron Edge, that chronicles the fixed gear scene up in the Pacific Northwest.  Be sure to show up at the opening party in Portland and compete for a chance to win a pair of HoldFast straps!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The "Mini-Apple"

Special Thanks To Vinny of VS Social Standard , Jeff of All-City, and the rest of the Minneapolis crew, for collectively piecing together a bike for me to ride ( ...and all the tubes...), and the extensive tour of spots.
Minneapolis has Lots great terrain to trick ride packed in to a small city, and what seems like endless banks. Here are a few pics from my trip of some great riders.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


While we're glad to learn that WIRED has been "palping" for a fixed, and that they consider Hold Fast straps "the answer", we just want to say that it's not a good idea to ride a fixed gear in a pair of flip-flops, sandals, or bare feet (whether or not you are using Hold Fast straps).  Please, always wear proper footwear when cycling (because toes are a terrible thing to waste).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Seth from Chicago says...

"I can't get over how well this strap works. I do tricks and spins, and have had problems with other products in the past because my feet would fall out with any lateral pressure. Now, I never have to worry because my feet are always locked no matter where I'm putting my weight. And it works with all my shoes!"

Thanks for the kind words Seth. Hold Fast in Chicago!  

The first strap reviews are in!

From the original tester himself...

And from our new friends in Minneapolis...

Many thanks to everyone who has purchased a set of Hold Fast straps!  Please send us your photos.  We want to see them in action! 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hold Fast Straps Installation!

Step One:  After pinching the bottom straps in half (as shown), gently thread each one through the underside of the platform pedal, starting from the side that attaches to the crank.  

Step Two:  Thread and pull each bottom strap through the one inch buckles.  Pull tight.

Step Three:  Fold back and sandwich each strap into one of the buckles as shown.  Pull tight, and secure the strap into position.  Make sure you get both sides.

Step Four:  After attaching the straps to your cranks, set the velcro to your desired fit (we do not suggest adjusting while riding!).  You may have to re-tighten the underside straps after a few rides, but they will stay in place fine after they are 'broken-in'.