Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hold Fast Straps Installation!

Step One:  After pinching the bottom straps in half (as shown), gently thread each one through the underside of the platform pedal, starting from the side that attaches to the crank.  

Step Two:  Thread and pull each bottom strap through the one inch buckles.  Pull tight.

Step Three:  Fold back and sandwich each strap into one of the buckles as shown.  Pull tight, and secure the strap into position.  Make sure you get both sides.

Step Four:  After attaching the straps to your cranks, set the velcro to your desired fit (we do not suggest adjusting while riding!).  You may have to re-tighten the underside straps after a few rides, but they will stay in place fine after they are 'broken-in'.    

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