Thursday, August 6, 2009

Installation Tips & Pedal Recommendations

Here's a pic of Jeremiah getting some air with his new Brooklyn fork and Hold Fast straps! Thanks, Prolly. Photo by Chris Weilk.

A helpful tip to tell your left from your right is to make sure that the Hold Fast logo faces you while riding. We also recommend using a BMX platform pedal, such as the Odyssey Twisted PC, the WellGo BMX PC, Eastern Plastic, Fit PC, or the Animal platform pedals. While we prefer plastic (PolyCarbonate) pedals for grinding, we know of a few riders who are using the metal BMX-style platform pedal - we recommend removing the back pins to ease entry and exit. We've also know of riders who are using them successfully with the MKS track pedals, and a commuter whose using them on his Suntour MTB pedals. Pretty much any pedal that allows you to thread the lower straps along the axle should work fine. We have also found that the more you ride them the better they get, comfort-wise, as well as getting in and out. Please remember to set the velcro with one foot on ground, and please do not adjust while pedaling (or use with flip-flops).

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